Dan Erickson

As a Minneapolis based designer, my inspiration is infinite. Whether I’m bundled inside during a blizzard, rockin’ out at First Ave, or sippin’ on a micro brew on a patio in July, I am constantly inspired and motivated by my surroundings. While I focus on obtaining a professional career in the advertising industry, I continue to increase my hobbies and knowledge in all aspects of life. As Leo Burnett once said, “Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”

As a Pixar fanatic, I about fell off my chair when I saw this project on FPO. These Pixar inspired playing cards are so perfectly simple. The color palette and simple illustrations make this set of cards a must have for Pixar lovers of any age. Unfortunately, for now, this project is not for sale. In fact, it was a student project. Bravo!

Like everybody else, I find myself quite addicted to Pinterest. I am like a kid in a candy story. I have found that I like and re-pin two different categories: 1) Inspiration 2) I want!

These are a few of the inspirational “likes” over the past few days. Hope you enjoy!

On Super Bowl Sunday, most American’s watched the Big Game for one of three reasons: football, commercials and/or the halftime performance. However, the employees at Colle+McVoy were watching the game AND their tweet decks for all of the above and more. While all of us were tweeting about our favorite plays, commercials and dips, Colle+McVoy was hard at work creating an interactive infographic about America’s tweets during the Super Bowl. Insightful statistics prove that Americans tweet more during the Super Bowl than any other prime time event, while drinking beer and eating pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s. But what do these stats really mean? The top 5 brands that were tweeted about were: Doritos, Toyota, H&M, Skechers and the History Channel. While Doritos were consistently tweeted about during the entire length of the football game. The official hashtag (#sb46) was only used by 4% of all tweets. Does Colle+McVoy’s SuperChatter correspond directly with America’s perception of the game and all its festivities? Will this help advertisers create more successful messages to broadcast during the Super Bowl? Or does it just simply mean every commercial should have a more than half naked David Beckham? For now, the SuperChatter reinstates that Colle+MCVoy is always on top of their game and constantly looking to increase their innovation, integration and engagement with consumers. Great job Colle+McVoy, I hope you all get plenty of coffee this morning.

I guess I’ve been recently obsessed with bees. I found another great package design from Worker-B, a Minneapolis company that creates hand-crafted lotions and balms. I have been fortunate to see their stands at local farmers markets during the summer. They have a beautiful display for their products as well as some really neat and simple screen print posters. The vintage package design works great with the monotone color palette.

If you are in the Minneapolis area, you must visit the Walker Art Center and see their current exhibit, Graphic Design: Now in Production. The work includes mind blowing books and layout designs, identity systems, posters, movie intros, and some incredibly innovative design techniques. A few of my favorites pieces included the Aesthetic Apparatus screen print poster wall, the Promarker dot prints as well as all the amazing infographics spread throughout the exhibit.

The promotional materials for this year’s Winter X Games are gnarly! The incredibly detailed illustrations are another reason why the X Games are ridiculously awesome. The entire art direction, from the color palette to the layout to the insane illustrations is spot on. The angle of the riders, the colors of the sky and the custom typography make this one of the sweetest promotional campaigns I have recently seen.

My favorite package design of 2011 is actually not on TheDieLine’s top 100. It comes from BoomArtwork in the Netherlands. The logo, package design and illustrations for Dr.No Vintage Guitar Effects are ridiculous. Each effect pedal contains its own custom lettering and illustrations. It is by far the best package and product design of 2011.

My second favorite package design of 2011 is from Oscar Guerrero. His Noire Coffee designs combine simple vintage illustrations with a beautiful monotone color palette. The illustration is so beautiful and simple, I could see it hanging framed on my wall.

The third project is from At Pace and is for Klein Constantia Farm’s The Bees Knees. This beautiful and fun packaging for honey has to bee (sorry, I had to) one of the best package designs of 2011.